Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A moment

Just having a moment.

I miss my Pastor.

I miss him all the time but today things lined up just right for me to have one of those sad/sweet moments where you just give in to the cry. I clicked on the staff pictures on our website and was relieved to still see his picture there, even though I know that will change in God's timing and will. At the same time, "somewhere over the rainbow" was playing on my computer and that was it.

Time gets to stop for a minute and I get to miss him without glossing over it, without thinking of the future, without being angry or broken.

I miss his voice, his calm presence, his funny laugh, the click of his shoes walking down the hall to my office to ask a question or follow up on an upcoming project, a need in our church, to help him plan for the story he'll tell in our preschool chapel......

This man who was my Pastor, my boss, my friend and mentor and counselor.

He's family and because of God's mercy and comfort most of the time I can be hopeful and even excited about what God's plan is bringing to our church and lives beyond the loss of Ken Dyal.

But today, in this moment, I miss my Pastor.

Thank you Jesus that I was allowed to know him.
Thank you Lord for giving me this moment.