Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book Review of "Winston Churchill - Christian Encounter Series" by John Perry

Winston Churchill - Christian Encounter Series by John Perry

Winston Churchill is a fascinating historical figure and John Perry packs a lot of information about his life and character into this 158 page book. This author includes Churchill's relationship with his parents and Nanny, his frustration and boredom with school, his military exploits, how he met his wife and what kind of father he was. A reader can learn much about who he was and how he lived here.

I chose this book because I have great respect for Sir Winston Churchill and what I knew of his accomplishments and contributions to his country and the world prior to reading it. I am more typically a fiction reader but felt that because I wanted to learn more about the subject I would enjoy non-fiction. I especially looked forward to this book because due to the series title I expected the story or information to center around his Christian faith and beliefs. That was not the case with Winston Churchill - Christian Encounter Series, in my opinion and I must admit, while a book this size would normally take me an average of two evenings to read through, I struggled to finish this one. The comprehensive amount of information, though clear and detailed seemed disjointed and did not flow or transition smoothly from paragraph to paragraph or subject to subject. While I did learn much that I didn't know about Churchill I had to push myself to read the next chapter or pick it up again after I put it down. It was with a sense of commitment as a booksneeze member, rather than for enjoyment that I finished this selection.
That being the case I would only recommend this book to a reader that was doing a report on Winston Churchill and wanted a resource that included as much information about his private and public life in the least amount of pages.
I received a complimentary copy of this book " Winston Churchill" from Thomas Nelson Publishers by being a member of Booksneeze.

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