Friday, March 9, 2012

Simple teacher or class gift idea

This year for Valentine's Day I was looking for a cute and simple as well as affordable gift idea for all the teachers at our preschool. It's important to me to do something as often as possible to let them know they are valued and appreciated. I didn't find any on the regular internet places that I liked or that didn't require more supplies, assembling or baking. I did find a cute toothbrush gift idea that I turned into a pencil gift and wrote my own kinda cheesy but heartfelt poem to personalize it.

It would work for just about any special occasion. You can find packs of pencils for a dollar at lots of common stores that have cute patterns and designs for any holiday or season. Just write a sweet note from the heart, and no, it doesn't have to rhyme.

Love giving gifts to sweet teachers! Happy gifting!

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